The Base of ARTI 900 - 2005 Car Model VIN Numbers, VIN 4UF05SNW55T133040

VIN Number: 4UF05SNW55T133040
Vehicle Model: 900
Vehicle Year: 2005
Vehicle Make: ARTI
Vehicle Engine:
Adaptive Cruise ControlNot Applicable
Adaptive HeadlightsNot Applicable
Additional Error TextIn the Possible values section, the Numeric value before the : indicates the position in error and the values after the : indicate the possible values that are allowed in this position. Unused position(s): 4,6,7,8;
Auto Reverse SystemNot Applicable
Automatic Pedestrian Alerting SoundNot Applicable
Bed TypeNot Applicable
Blind Spot MonNot Applicable
Body Cab TypeNot Applicable
Bus Floor Config TypeNot Applicable
Bus TypeNot Applicable
CAN_AACNNot Applicable
CIBNot Applicable
Daytime Running LightNot Applicable
Driver AssistNot Applicable
Dynamic Brake SupportNot Applicable
EDRNot Applicable
Error Text4 - VIN corrected, error in one position only (indicated by ! in Suggested VIN), multiple matches found; 14 - Unable to provide information for all the characters in the VIN.
Forward Collision WarningNot Applicable
Lane Departure WarningNot Applicable
Lane Keep SystemNot Applicable
Lower Beam Headlamp Light SourceNot Applicable
ManufacturerARCTIC CAT INC.
NoteYear Designator
Park AssistNot Applicable
Pedestrian Automatic Emergency BrakingNot Applicable
Possible Values(4:123456789)
Rear Cross Traffic AlertNot Applicable
Rear Visibility SystemNot Applicable
Semiautomatic Headlamp Beam SwitchingNot Applicable
Trailer Body TypeNot Applicable
Trailer TypeNot Applicable

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